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“Jesus Olmedo suggests we tackle two of the four dances of a Sevillanas – a type of flamenco dance. We choose the song Lenta Con Cante by Pepe Roca.”


“Jesus tells me. I turn and twist my wrists in a clumsy fashion, plucking shiny Pink Ladies off an imaginary tree. We agree to have the next lessons in a studio with mirrors, so I can see myself in action. Good plan!”






“Terrific rhythm, beautiful fluid cleanliness, great pirouettes and great command of the stage”


JOHN McCOLGAN – Riverdance’s director





“The elegant style and strength of Jesus Olmedo’s rhythm defines the essence of the show Quejíos Negros.”


RUTH ZEA – Flamenco Peru Producciones’s director




“I invited Jesus to teach classes as resident artist in Sydney, Hobart and New Zealand. All of the students warmed to Jesus almost immediately.


“His attention to detail is exemplary, personal manner and professionalism were both of the highest standard and present in all his classes. The students were able to improve and be challenged at the pace that was suitable for them, empowering them to excel in class. I would recommend Jesus Olmedo as a teacher for all levels and look forward to working with him again.”


MARINA TAMAYO – Flamenco Australia’s director




“Great dancing, you made it beautiful.”


CLEO LAINE – The greatest Jazz singer




“Jesus Olmedo’s Show is a very good presentation of Flamenco’s diversity”


The LOST Youth Theatre Company




“The opening dancer was Jesus Olmedo, who set the mood for the evening in a stamping, whirling flurry of high octane dance. Accompanied by the clicking, singing and strumming of the rest of the team, he was terrific.”


Penny Flood, Reviewer at ChiswickW4



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