Quejios Negros

The art of the people with their clothes, food, languages, instruments, music and dances are messages that describe the essence of the human being and his connection with the environment. These messages tell us that life, art is a great diversity of colors, forms and rhythms resulting from the great secret of alchemy: mestizaje.

Flamenco as well as “Criollo” Music has been a mestizaje of different people mainly of people unknown to the high elite, nomads and lovers of this mother earth.

Music does not belong to minds: music belongs to hearts. “Quejíos Negros” is a show born from a passion for music, without borders, where flamenco is the main thread and inspiration for creation.

The brotherhood of artists from Peru with artists from Spain gives rise to this unique opportunity to enjoy the purest flamenco with innovative touches where improvisation will lead to magical moments through the “cante hondo” of Leo Amaya, the fabulous touch of maestro Ernesto Hermoza, the brilliant rhythm and spontaneity of the percussionist Ayoze of Alejandro and the powerful “zapateados” full of strength and elegance of the dancer Jesus Olmedo who will also be the choreographer of this show dancing “palos” flamenco like Alegrías, Farrucas, Solea por Bulerías and Seguirillas .

Ernesto Hermoza (guitar)

Leo Amaya (singing)

Ayoze de Alejandro (percussión)

Jesus Olmedo (dancer and choreographer)