Sound Moves

SoundMoves brings together dancers and musicians from Flamenco, Tap Dance, Classical Indian music and Jazz to explore rhythm as a way to understand each other, our environment and ourselves.

Rich choreography, innovative new music and dynamic improvisation combine to create theatre with the excitement of a jam session and raw energy of a music gig. SoundMoves promises to delight, inspire and make you want to tap your feet!

Enjoy Tap Dance from Hoofer Jess Murray, Flamenco from Madrid’s Jesús Olmedo and Street-Fusion-Jazz-Dance from legend of the underground London Jazz club scene Perry Louis. Internationally renowned tabla player Rishii Chowdhury and experimental percussionist John Habron join highly versatile world musician guitarist Giuliano Modarelli and pianist Al MacSween.

Visual artist Chiara Dellerba has created an interactive set that provides powerful visual context for the piece and plays an active role in the performance.

A feast for all the senses – SoundMoves has something for everyone.